• Appetizers

    IDDLY Steamed Rice and Lentil cakes served with sambar and coconut chutney
    KANCHEEPURUM IDDLY (SATURDAY AND SUNDAY) Spiced Iddly garnished with Cashew nuts, Carrots and Coriander
    DAL PAPRI Special chips spiced to your taste; served with lentils, potatoes and topped with yogurt and tamarind sauce
    PANI PURI Crispy wheat shells with potatoes and chickpeas filling served with spicy water
    BHEL PURI A through mix of fresh vegetables, tomatoes, onions, chickpeas, boiled potatoes and tamarind chutney
    PAV BHAJI Spicy vegetable curry with toasted bread roll
    MEDHU VADA Fried lentil donuts served with sambar and coconut chutney
    DHAI VADA Lentil donuts dipped in Yogurt
    PANEER PAKORA Battered paneer chunks with masala filling
    ONION BHAJIA Golden fried discs of finely chopped onions with gram flour
    IDDLY/VADA Combo
    RASA VADA Lentil donuts dipped in Rasam
    POTATO BONDA Lentil dumpling with onion, potato
    MYSORE BONDA Golden brown lentil dumplings
    VEGETABLE SAMOSA Crispy and flaky crust stuffed with potatoes and peas
    MIXED VEGETABLE PAKORA Potatoes, cauliflower, onion chilies mixed with besan, deep fried with spices
    VEGETABLE CUTLET Minced vegetables with spices, bread crumbed and deep fried
    ASSORTED APPETIZERS Mehdu Vada, Mysore Bonda, Veg.Samosa, Veg.Cutlet and Pakora
    CHILI PAKORA Green chilli dipped
    MASALA VADA Chana dal Vada
  • Soups

    TOMATO SOUP Mildly spiced light tomato soup, flavored with herbs
    RASAM A traditional South Indian sour & spicy soup
    VEGETABLE SOUP An authentic South Indian soup of lentils, diced with vegetables and flavored with herbs
  • Dosai

    SADA DISAI Thin Rice crepes
    MALASA DOSAI Crepes filled with potatoes and onions
    SADA MYSORE DOSAI Thin rice crepes with layer of Hot Chutney
    MYSORE MASALA DOSAI Thin rice crepes with layer of Hot Chutney filled with potatoes and onions
    ONION DOSAI Thin rice crepes with onion topping
    ONION MASALA DOSAI Crepes with onion topping filled with potatoes and onions cooked in butter
    SADA MYSORE DOSAI Thin rice crepes with layer of Hot Chutney
    BUTTER MASALA DOSAI Crepes filled with potatoes and onions cooked in butter
    SADA RAVA DOSAI Thin wheat and Lentil Crepes
    SPECIAL RAVA DOSAI Wheat and lentil Crepes with onions
    SPECIAL RAVA MASALA DOSAI Wheat lentil crepes grilled with onions and chilies, filled with potatoes and onions
    PAPER DOSAI Thin rice crepes rolled and crispy
    MASALA DOSAI Thin rice crepes filled with potatoes and onions
    WOODLAND'S SPECIAL DOSAI Thin rice crepes filled with vegetables mix and hot Chutney
    JAIPORI PANEER DOSAI Thin rice crepe with homemade cheese, peas, onions, tomatoes, fresh coriander leaves and exotic spices
  • Uthappam

    PLAIN UTHAPPAM Indian style Pancake
    TOMATO & PEAS UTHAPPAM With tomato and peas toppings
    ONIONS & PEAS UTHAPPAM With onion and peas toppings
    VEGETABLE UTHAPPAM Tomato, peas, carrots, chilies & onion toppings
    ONION & HOT CHILI UTHAPPAM With onion and chili toppings
    SHREDDED COCONUT UTHAPPAM Topped with Coconut Shreds
  • Indian & Chinese

    VEGETABLE SPRING ROLL Crispy pastries filled with vegetables
    HOT & SOUR SOUP Clear Soup with hot chinese spices and indian flavors
    GOBI MANCHURIAN Dry cauliflower fritters with corn flour cooked in spicy manchurian sauce
    VEGETABLE FRIED RICE A chinese style vegetable rice dish cooked with scallions, carrots & bell peppers
  • Kids menu ($5.25)

    Poori Bhaji, soda or juice
    Sada Dosai, soda or juice
    Masala Dosai, soda or juice
    Iddly, soda or juice
  • Accompaniments

    SALAD Lettuce, carrots, cucumber, tomatoes and lemon
    MANGO CHUTNEY Sweet/Sour mango relish
    SAMBAR Fresh vegetable and lentil soup
    *MILAKAI PODI A spicy mix of various ingredients
    RAITA Yogurt with onions, cucumber and coriander leaves
    PAPADUM (2 pcs) Thin and crisp lentil flat bread
    PLAIN RICE Classic white rice
    CHEF'S SALAD Fresh greens, cucumber, tomatoes, onions and celery with homemade dressing, raita
  • Desserts

    RASMALAI (2 PCS) Home made cottage cheese in a special condensed milk flavored with rose water and garnished with pistachio nuts
    GULAB JAMOON (2 PCS) Golden fried cheese balls served hot in a rose flavored syrup
    BADAM HALWA Ground almond cooked in Honey & Butter
    CARROT HALWA Grated carrots cooked in Honey & Butter
    HALWA ICE CREAM Carrot or Badam halwa topped with your choice of ice cream
    MADRAS SPECIAL PAYASAM Fine vermicelli cooked in milk, honey, and garnished with raisins and cashews
    TOMATO SOUP Mildly spiced light tomato soup, flavored with herbs
    KULFI Mango or Pistachio - A traditional Indian ice cream made from milk reduced to a quarter of its volume and flavored with pistachio nuts / mango pulp
    ICE CREAM A scoop of vanilla goes great with hot Gulab Jamoon or Carrot Halwa. Flavors: Vanilla, Rose, Pistachio, Mango
  • Beverages

    SODAS Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Ginger Ale, Pink Lemonade
    JUICES Mango, Orange
    COFFEE Regular or decaffinated
    MYSORE COFFEE House special coffee
    INDIAN TEA Tea spiced with Indian herbs
    LASSI A cool drink of churned yogurt plain, sweet or salted
    MANGO LASSI Mango flavored yogurt drink
    FALOODA Ice cream drink with a delicious kulfi as its basis with milk, rose syrup and a generous sprinkling of nuts
  • Dinner Specials

    SOUTH INDIAN THALI Roti, white rice, sambar, dhal, kootu, avial, poriyal, rasam, curd, pickle, papad, desert, and coffee or tea
    WOODLAND'S SPECIAL Choice of soup, iddly or vada, choice of dosai or uthappam, both served with sambar & chutney
    MYSORE ROYAL THALI Choice of soup and appetizers - (Cutlet, samosa, mysore bonda) - Roti, special rice, white rice, sambar, chana curry, kootu, avial, rasam, curd, pickle, papad, dessert, coffee or tea
  • Pullavs

    VEGETABLE BIRIYANI Specially cooked basmati rice embedded with a rich mix of vegetable curry, garnished with a lemon pickle and served with raita
    BISI BELE BHATH Rice cooked with lentils and garden fresh vegetables
    BAGALA BHATH A cool soothing rice dish prepared with fresh homemade yogurt, ground pepper and mustard seeds
    COCONUT RICE Rice cooked with fresh coconut tempered with green chillis, curry leaves and dry spices
    LEMON RICE Long grain lemon flavored rice tempered with mustard seeds, red chillis, and curry leaves
    SPECIAL UPPUMA Cream of wheat with fresh vegetables garnished with nuts
  • Indian Bread

    POORI (2 PC) Deep fried whole wheat fluffy bread
    PARATHA Multi layered whole wheat bread
    CHAPATHY (2 PC) (PULKA) Thin soft whole wheat bread
    ALOO PARATHA Multi layered whole wheat bread stuffed with potatoes and spices
    PEAS PARATHA Multi layered whole wheat bread stuffed with peas and spices
    BATURA Large puffy bread
  • Curries

  • House Specialities

    MALABAR ADAI Pancake made of mixed lentils & vegetables cooked in Kerala Style
    PONGAL AVIAL Rice and lentil cooked like Kitchedi & served with special dish called "Avial"
    PESARAT UPPUMA Whole moong dhal & rice crepe topped with onion & chillies
    CHANNA BATURA Large puffy bread served with chickpeas
    POORI BHAJI Whole wheat bread, fried and puffed, served with potato and chick pea curry